Friday, May 28


Saturday, January 19

Stop the clocks!

I have not made entries as much as I liked or should have or as much as I wanted to, and to compensate for that all I can say is that there were many highs and lows(more than I like). But highs do not come without lows. If you don't get what I mean I meant to say its hard to taste the sweet without feeling some down times where you feel like you need a great overhaul inside and out. Still don't get what I'm saying? I'm saying its been great to be back in church after a long hiatus (4, 5 months?) since the last week of 2007. I'm as excited as excited is and nothing beats a change of heart and having a great and swell time with the Man, the Savior, period, ever!

Ok stop, enough of trying to sound like an incoherent Brit, which I fail terribly.

I bought the Stop the Clocks compilation of songs by Oasis today, went though an interview of Noel and Liam Gallagher about the band and by the time I was done with one live concert I was ready to pick up the guitar and yell my lungs if not for the sleeping missus and kids. Oasis is GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!. Did I say they are GREAT!!!?? One of my favorite bands of ALL time among some other Brit ones like Muse, T Rex and Queen, all which I feel seriously kick the butt of most American bands nowadays, who have almost the same sounds which I can't tell one apart from the other. I can never get enough of the brilliant melodies of Brit bands, most of whom got their influence from the Beatles, and their non-pretense/ poseur attitude as compared to the american ones. Yes lassies and lads, I love Brit rock and roll and I'm unashamed of it!

I can't wait for a quiet moment alone when I can hug my guitar and belt out Wonderwall, Don't look in anger and most of all the sonic Champagne Supernova, mixed in with an emo moment real LOUD! Hey but settle down soon enough Brit rock and roller wannabe, it's church service tommorrow! So Sally can wait. No! So Stanley can wait! :)

Thursday, November 29

O Hannah my Hannah! =)

Attention Deficiency

I searched and went through the bookshelf to look for my American Prospects by Joel Sternfeld, and for about 15 mins went through every photo book with no avail. A little nervous, after all it is one of my favorites. I texted Khengli to confirm that he did return ages ago, but 'Never borrowed your book, sorry' was the reply. At last I went back to sit down at my desk, befuddled and wondering. And then lo and behold, I caught it in its quiet biding from the left side of the laptop, on top of the half done catalogue for this sunday's photo fair.

It wasn't there before, I did not see it on the bookshelf, nor did I leave it there. June is putting Joash to sleep, and my mother in law is watching television. Question that I ask myself is how did it appear on my table? I have absolutely no remembrance.

I swear to God I had not seen nor touched it.

Monday, September 10

O Captain my Captain!

Sunday, September 9

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Old time is still a-flying;

And the same flower that smiles today

Tomorrow will be dying.

Robert Herrick, 1591 - 1674
To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time (First paragragh of)

Monday, September 3

Increasingly Unfamiliar

You are a paradox I hope I can one day understand, I hate you and love you. Happy Belated.

Saturday, August 11

Quarrelsome Couples